Simple Things You Can Do To Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Simple Things You Can Do to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

A recent study showed that 63% of Americans hate cleaning bathrooms more than any other room in the house. And who can blame them? While germs can live on dry surfaces for several hours, moist surfaces such as bathroom sinks can hold germs for up to three days. While you’re on your hands and knees scrubbing at your tub, you may think: if only there was a way to keep the bathroom clean after all this work! Well, luckily for you, there are a few ways! Here are three things you can do every day to make sure your bathroom stays clean.

No Bar Soap
While you may be tempted to add a little soap dish with some bar soap, it’ll cost you in cleaning time. Bar soap is grimy and moist, and can track residue all over your bathroom sink. Rather than wasting your time scrubbing down your sink once a week, opt for liquid soap with a pump, or splurge on a hands-free dispenser.

Get Rid of Moisture
A moist bathroom is no good. Letting moisture linger in your bathroom can lead to soapy streaks and residue, and can cause harmful organisms such as mildew to develop. Rather than letting the moisture sit, try to circulate the air by opening a window and turning on your exhaust fan. Leave a squeegee near the shower to wipe down the walls, tubs, and shower drawers.

Cleaning Wipes
Little spills can start to add up, so why not just pick them up when they happen? Store a pack of disinfectant wipes somewhere easily accessible, such as under the sink. Then, when a soap or toothpaste spill happens, the sink and counters can be easily wiped down right then and there. That way, they won’t have a chance to dry and harden, making it more difficult to clean.

If your bathroom just won’t stay clean, it may be time to call in professional cleaning services. Professional house cleaners can enter your home and help keep things tidy for those with a busy schedule. By combining professional cleaning services with these bathroom tidying tips, your bathroom will stay spotless for weeks on end. Having a tidy bathroom might even boost your mood, as 98% percent of homeowners agree that a clean house makes them feel good about themselves.