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Sacramento House Cleaning Services


Maid Services for Families.

Book to Clean Agency proudly provides maid services to homes, apartments and condominiums in the Sacramento, California area. We enjoy helping families, working professionals and those who need an extra hand around the house, come home to a clean and healthy living environment.

Not sure if hiring a cleaning service is right for you? Well we think every person, family and home can benefit from a thoroughly and consistently cleaned home. We believe clean homes are better for your health and help make your lives less stressful. We are a company devoted to helping you live a better life.

Sacramento has a lot to offer its residents. There are parks, events, art exhibits and plenty of family fun to enjoy. If you find yourself forfeiting a wonderful day exploring the city in lieu of cleaning your home or apartment, you may want to consider bringing in a maid service to handle those jobs for you. There is no need to do it yourself when you can easily find house cleaners in the Sacramento area to do it for you.

Professional cleaning services in Sacramento offer a variety of cleaning duties. Busy executives may find that hiring a maid to come in daily and handle general cleaning the best way to keep their house or apartment looking good. Families on the other hand, may need full service house cleaning service to keep up with the demands of keeping a house full of kids spic and span.

Older clients, however, often require a maid to do the things they no longer can, like scrubbing floors and bathrooms and reaching those nooks and crannies that always seem to harbor dust and dirt.

What can you expect from Sacramento cleaning services? That all depends on your need and the size of your home. Smaller homes and apartments may only require a maid service to come in once a week for a basic scrub down. Larger abodes may need a more thorough house cleaning; especially with big families.


There really is no limit to the type of house cleaning a professional service can offer. Some even shampoo rugs and handle outdoor cleaning as well. Your only restrictions are in regards to your needs; comfort level and budget.


Many older clients like to handle many of the more general cleaning duties themselves, but hire a maid service to come in and take care of the duties they can no longer do comfortably or safely. This may include dusting high areas; scrubbing moldings and corners; or even handling heavier cleaning jobs.


Many families battle constant clutter control and their house cleaners concentrate on keeping the entire living area looking tidy and organized. Many also ask their cleaning service to handle those periodic jobs like wiping down window blinds; washing curtains; and cleaning silver, that the homeowners simply don’t have the time for.


If you are finding it difficult to get to all of those monthly or annual cleaning duties to keep your Sacramento home looking its best, hiring a cleaning service can help you keep ahead of the dirt and keep your house or apartment looking like the showplace you deserve. Think about the types of jobs you don’t have the time, energy or motivation to tackle and hire a maid to take care of it for you.

When hiring house cleaners consider these important factors:

* The types of jobs the maid usually offers. Check your contract carefully. Be sure you understand what services are offered in the regular contract and what services you may be charged extra for. If the house cleaners you choose offers a regular cleaning schedule and you want it tweaked, ask for those changes in writing.

* The cleaning schedule. Do expect maid service on certain days and for certain hours? Be sure you both understand and agree to a regular schedule.

* The cost. Costs may vary depending on the types of maid service you require.

Quality Sacramento House Cleaning.

Book to Clean is a house cleaning referral service headquartered in Sacramento, CA. We work diligently to provide outstanding service to exceed the housekeeping needs of our clients. We understand that investing your precious time and energy in maintaining your home can take away from what you enjoy doing most. Schedule a home cleaning with us and let one of our experienced home cleaners work their magic on your home.

Our referred house cleaners are background checked, interviewed in person, and have years of experience cleaning homes professionally of all variations. Be confident when you schedule your house cleaning with us; we only continue referring our housekeepers based on positive feedback from our clients.

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