Hacks For A Cleaner Kitchen

Five Simple Hacks for a Cleaner Kitchen

It is not uncommon to hear people say, “The kitchen is the heart of the home”. Such is the importance of this little corner that plays a significant role in binding people together and creating wonderful memories. A clean kitchen appeals to the eyes as well as to the heart and makes the users feel so much better. While regular engagement of a good Sacramento house cleaning service is the most reliable measure for deep cleaning of the kitchen, here are some simple hacks to tackle the everyday use and mess.

Clean the sink regularly

If the sink is filthy, there is hardly any chance for the kitchen to appear clean. Sinks are exposed to the highest chances of dirt and unwanted debris as they handle everything from dirty hands to raw meat. Sanitize the kitchen sink every day to ensure there is no bad odor emanating from it. While deep cleaning of the sink may be best left to professionals, a simple routine clean-up using a non-abrasive all-purpose spray can enhance the overall look of the kitchen.

Always store additional washcloths

It is a very good practice to have an extra set of washcloths to clean up the small spills easily on the move. Food spills are more than common while cooking in a hurry and having a handy washcloth allows quick cleaning of these stains without leaving them to dry and rot forever. Easy-to-wash cotton washcloths are a more eco-friendly option than paper towels and must be replaced every day.

Pay attention to the microwave and the refrigerator

Microwave ovens and refrigerators are two indispensible elements of a standard kitchen. These devices must be kept free of dirt both on the inside as well as the outside. While hiring a house cleaning service make sure to include these services into the package. A good house cleaning company has the right tools and the best cleaning agents to safely clean the interiors of equipment like refrigerator and microwave oven. Regular cleaning of equipment exteriors keeps the dust away and thus protects the surface of the equipment.

Vacuum the floors at the end of the day

A clean kitchen floor is important for an overall fresh look of the kitchen. While the hard-to-reach dust bunnies and minutest crumbs of food hiding around the corners can be left to the experts, running the vacuum every day keeps the floor considerably clean and hygienic.

Adopt the clean-as-you-go strategy

Most often people leave the cleaning part to the last minute and finally end up ignoring it completely. Cleaning experts therefore recommend to keep moving the cleaning with the go. This helps save time and also ensures that no appliance or surface is left behind.

Reaching out to a kitchen with a slimy surface and bad odor is definitely not a pleasant situation for anyone. By practicing a few simple measures on a daily basis and opting for a good house cleaning regularly, kitchens can turn out to be the most hygienic and appealing part of the home.