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Top Elk Grove House Cleaning Services

Maid services that meet your needs.

Scheduling your home cleaning in Elk Grove doesn’t have to be complicated. Searching for the right service does require you to reflect on what services you are looking for; not to mention what standard you expect from the house cleaning service. Take a looking at our Cleaning Services page to get a great idea on what you can expect and what you can look for in your home cleaning. Don’t hesitate to make a request, our independent house cleaners are always willing to take on your home cleaning needs.

Your comfort is important to us. Please share with us what you expect from the service. We are happy to communicate on your behalf to ensure that the independent cleaner understands exactly what you’re looking for in your scheduled cleaning service. They are here to ensure you’re completely satisfied with your experience.

Make a list and check it twice. The more details you can give us the better we are at meeting your standard. Communication is key and that is why we love promoting that you can give us a call between business hours or send us an email whenever you feel something should be mentioned. We do our best to return any inquiry or questions or feedback within 24 hours to ensure that your voice is heard. The best way to satisfy your needs is for us to understand exactly what you’re looking for.

Remember: We are here for you and not every home requires the same amount of professional cleaning. Imagine what works needs to be done in your home. A general service maybe the answer to keeping you home pristine. Perhaps you require a recurring service to keep your abode looking spotless. Whatever the need may be, our goal is to give you home the love it deserves.

Get to know us. Many homeowners should remember when using our services that they are not required to stay with the same cleaner continually. Sometimes a homeowner may not delighted an independent domestic’s style of work, or persona. This is perfectly fine, please let us know and we are happy to attempt a better fit. It’s all about you and your comfort level.

Examples of what to Expect


From the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living areas.


Kitchen Area

• Clean exterior refrigerator
• Clean stove, oven & counter top surfaces
• Wipe microwave
• Clean sink
• Wipe kitchen cabinet faces & drawers
• Wipe all appliance exteriors



• Clean toilets
• Clean sink
• Wipe showers & bathtubs
• Mop tile floors
• Dust and wipe all accessible surfaces
• Wipe bathroom counter-tops & vanities
• Clean exterior bathroom cabinets and drawers
• Wipe door knobs & light switches cleaned



• Make bed and replace sheets if provided
• Mirrors wiped down and cleaned
• Wipe dressers, tables, and lamps
• Clean baseboards
• Dust and wipe all accessible surfaces
• Vacuum or mop floor


Living Areas

• Dust TV and accessories
• Dust and wipe couches and furniture
• Clean hallways, staircases, and table tops
• Wipe clean shelves, tables and chairs
• Vacuum and mop floors
• Dust & wipe all accessible surfaces
• Wipe light switches and door knobs

Quality Home Cleaning in Elk Grove

Falling behind? Need an extra hand around the house? Don’t feel overwhelmed, we are here to help! Our professional cleaners in Elk Grove are here to make your home a happy one. Upkeep in the chores around your home is not only important in giving it that ultra-clean look but also makes your home a safe one too. We making Elk Grove sparkle, one home at a time.

Cleaning you home shouldn’t take away the free time you have. We make it possible to have a clean house and for you to enjoy it as well. So relax for a moment and let our cleaning providers do what they know best, clean your home. They will bring everything your home requires to get it looking pristine, so no worries on providing supplies.

It’s time for you to kick up your feet and let the experts free up your time.

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