What’s included in a regular cleaning?

Every home, big or small, all have different cleaning needs. Our cleaners have the experience and knowledge on how to best clean any sized home. The following is a checklist of what a regular cleaning includes.

   All Rooms
CheckBox Vacuum and mop floors
CheckBox Dust & wipe all accessible visible surfaces
CheckBox Light switches and door knobs
CheckBox Window sills and blinds
CheckBox Baseboards and reachable vents dusted
CheckBox Toilets
CheckBox Sink
CheckBox Showers & bathtubs
CheckBox Tile floors
CheckBox Dust and wipe all accessible surfaces
CheckBox Bathroom counter-tops & vanities
CheckBox Clean exterior bathroom cabinets, drawers
CheckBox Door knobs & light switches cleaned
CheckBox Exterior refrigerator
CheckBox Clean stove, oven & countertop surfaces
CheckBox Microwave
CheckBox Sink
CheckBox Kitchen cabinet faces & drawers
CheckBox Wipe all appliance exteriors
CheckBox Make bed and replace sheets if provided
CheckBox Mirrors wiped down and cleaned
CheckBox Wipe dressers, tables, and lamps
CheckBox Clean baseboards
CheckBox Dust and wipe all accessible surfaces
   Living Areas
CheckBox TV and accessories dusted
CheckBox Couches and furniture dusted & wiped
CheckBox Clean hallways, staircases, and table tops
CheckBox Shelves, tables and chairs wiped clean
   Add on Services
CheckBox2 Clean inside refrigerator
CheckBox2 Clean inside oven
CheckBox2 Clean inside cabinets
CheckBox2 Move-in/Move-out cleaning
CheckBox2 Clean interior windows
  Services We Do Not offer
CheckBox2 Wet Wipe Blinds